Conditions of the order realization
The basic condition of order realization is making an advance payment on the producer's account worth 40% of the value of the order. The advance payment is wasted in case of resigning of the order in the course of its realization.
Delivery conditions
- delivery expenses of parcels in the area of the country are covered by the producer,
- international parcels are covered by customers,
- the producer is not responsible for the delivery dates of Poczta Polska or the courier,
- the surcharge of the whole amount must be made on receipt of products.
Reclamations conditions
- products cannot be replaced or returned as they are sewed on individual requirements of customers,
- only reclamations concerning defects that emerged from the blame of producer will be taken into consideration,
- the date can be negotiated while placing an order,
- in case of complying with reclamation, the producer is obliged to remove defects or sew a new product, and to cover the delivery expenses.
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